Face Shields and Sneeze Guard Testimonials

"As an FYI, Spectrum Health (where I work clinically) will now be requiring all providers in the hospital to wear face shields for all patient care encounters, even those who are not positive or are PUIs. This is based on CDC guidance that is based on the current community prevalence/risk. So, other hospital systems may also be implementing this policy if their local infection rates are high enough. We only need to wear the shield during the encounter, but don’t need it while outside of patient rooms. Thus, the flip-up feature is HUGE. So, I suspect you may be getting many more face shield orders, esp. when others become envious of my face shields I will be wearing! : )"

-Michael J. Shoemaker, PT, DPT, PhD, President of APTA Michigan

"Hey I'm Ben, a physical therapist. We were having some issues with the coronavirus pandemic with social distancing and keeping our treadmills safe for everybody to use. We found a great product from TM Shea Products, Shea Shields face shields & sneeze guards. They're really easy for us to throw up between the treadmills and assemble.They're creating a great barrier to utilize while performing their exercises. We really enjoy using the product and we've had GREAT feedback from our patients so far. So I recommend them and our patients do as well."

-Ben Geierman, Physical Therapist, Physical Therapist Specialists of Troy

Hello, I'm Elias from Physical Therapist Specialists in Troy. One of the biggest issues we faced with COVID-19 is how to keep ourselves safe and healthy, along with keeping our patients safe and healthy. So, luckily TM Shea Products offers these wonderful counter shields and face shields that work great when we are working with our patients. They create a protective barrier between us and our patients and allow us to safely social distance. We are very thankful and the Shea Shields definitely got the job done.

-Elias, Physical Therapy Specialists

"I'm the Director of a Physical Therapy Clinic. When the CDC recommended we start wearing eye coverings or face shields, we got some really cheap ones and they were horrible. Then we got these face shields from T.M. Shea Products and they work out GREAT! They're really comfortable, and they're adjustable too. They're working out great."

-Director of Physical Therapy Specialists in Troy, MI

"I really like my new Face Shield from Shea Shields. It's good that it flips up and the padded headband makes it really comfortable."

-Alyssa Bohatuk, Physical Therapy Specialists of Troy, Michigan

Our new Face Shield being put to use in preventing virus transmittal while at the workplace. Protect your employees while they're cleaning items around the office with our Face Shields.