PlexiPrint Floor Barriers, Room Dividers & Sneeze Guards for Retail & Commercial Applications

Posted on by Joe Harris

PlexiPrint Floor Barriers, Room Dividers & Sneeze Guards for Retail & Commercial Applications

Shea Shields' new patent pending PlexiPrint Floor Barriers, Room Dividers, and Sneeze Guards for retail and commercial applications are now available!

The newly designed PlexiPrint Floor Barriers/Room Dividers can be made any size, 24”/32”/48” wide x 72” tall and fit nicely between the U scan counters, pharmacy counters to separate shoppers. The lower section 24” tall x 24” wide can have your company logo marketing/advertising messaging and/or paid brand advertising to cover the costs and become another revenue stream while the top panel 24x48” panel will be clear.

Here is a YouTube video showing many designs.

These barriers will keep you in compliance with CDC /OSHA social distancing recommendations. Could you please pass this email to your U scan contact/PPE purchasing person and the facilities dept. for your corporate offices to review? Happy to get a phone call with you and your team or get you more details, pricing and a sample.

PlexiPrints not only minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus (or other pathogens) within your place of business but are also a cost-effective and easy-to-install solution that can be customized to enhance your workplace and customer experience. The new national protocol recommendations are to keep people at least 6 ft. away unless barriers are placed.

What Differentiates PlexiPrints?

Our new line of Floor Barriers, Room Dividers, and Sneeze Guards offer an immediate visual queue that your organization places a high priority on customer/employee safety. PlexiPrints are better than the generic or ad-hoc barriers utilized by so many organizations today which disrupt their operations, lessen the customer's experience or cheapen the workplace environment. 

PlexiPrints: Flexibility

PlexiPrint floor panels are available in a variety of configurations. More importantly, PlexiPrints offer you the option to combine images, textures, and clear material into single or multiple panels. This provides three benefits: (i) customers see your workplace as safer, (ii) your COVID-19 safety measures don't detract from your interior design and customer experience, (iii) they minimize disruption to your business operations. 

The image options are endless including outdoor scenery, wood finishes, action imagery, branding (logos) or taglines, and customer messaging are just a few of the many creative options enabled by PlexiPrints. Our panels can be connected or easily linked together to create room dividers or wall systems.

Why PlexiPrints?

As the research indicates, customers prefer organizations that observe the CDC protocol. And, organizations which implement sneeze guards and other barriers into their place of business enjoy higher levels of customer acquisition and loyalty. These stop-the-spread practices are relevant to customers of all ages and backgrounds.

Easy To Design, Source and Install

We can supply a dieline file to your graphic design or facilities team enabling you to create completely custom graphics. Otherwise, you can supply PlexiPrints your artwork or logo files and we will manage the creative development.

TM Shea Products is located in Troy, Michigan and has been in business for over 35 years. The company is a recent recipient of a “Saving Business, Saving Lives” grant from Oakland County and is focused on giving back to the local community by servicing the needs of our school system.

Please let us know if you would like to review design options, configuration options, or pricing and availability. We are here to help you drive more business and prevent the spread of COVID-19 (or other pathogens) to protect your customers and employees.