Increase Impulse & POS Sales With Face Shield Retail Displays

Posted on by John Gille

Increase Impulse & POS Sales With Face Shield Retail Displays

The battle rages on over which is better: face masks or face shields. While we now know we should be wearing face masks to protect others from infection when we leave the home, there can be a considerable amount of irritation with face masks. This is where face shields will soon become a keyway we protect ourselves from COVID-19. 

There are various reasons that face shields could be more suitable than masks. While face shields can cover your mouth, nose, eyes, and face, they are also more personal than face masks. Face masks are a part of life for the vast majority of us, face masks are so impersonal, and we can struggle to communicate with others. Using face shields allows you and others to communicate through facial expressions and smiles. In addition to this, using face shields can help you to breathe cleaner air. Because using masks results in breathing in exhaled carbon dioxide and other bacterial waste products, this can be harmful.

If you are selling PPE equipment in your store, it's important to make an immediate impact. Everybody sees PPE equipment around every corner, which is why you need to appeal to potential customers right away. Our Tri-Spinner Face Shield Display makes it easy for consumers at your point of sale to make an impulse buy. Every consumer may have their own fair share of face masks, but face masks can be frustrating to clean after every single use. Clear plastic face shields can provide a wide variety of benefits over face masks, which is why they need pride of place in your store.

Shea Shields’ new Tri-Spinner Face Shield Display is a great way to promote the benefits of new, innovative, and safer PPE products in your store. Everybody knows the importance of adequate protection during this trying time, and now is the time to have an innovative display at your POS to intrigue customers. Our new CoronaCare PPE Flip-up Face Shields feature three different designs: Good, Better, and Best, and our three-sided floor spinner display design gives consumers easy access to the face shield they need, protecting themselves and their family. 

As face shields have many advantages over masks and are more appealing than traditional face masks, these will sell fast in your stores. Consumers will get more protection with the comfort they need, and your store will be at the frontline of selling this innovative product. Right now, face shields are considered an inferior relation to the face mask. But as schools are recommending these for children and faculty, the general public will soon gravitate to shields for the reasons stated above. 

If you are concerned about how to protect your employees and customers from the airborne transmission of COVID-19, a face shield combined with a mask is the most effective method. This is a standard practice within the medical industry and has been validated by multiple infection studies as it protects the mouth, nose, eyes, and face. While many consumers are using face masks, it is vital to start promoting what a face shield can do, and our Tri-Spinner Face Shield Display guarantees that your POS will guarantee consumers will gravitate towards the next stage of face protection.