Improve Safety & Marketing with Custom Printed Floor Barriers

Posted on by John Gille

Improve Safety & Marketing with Custom Printed Floor Barriers

Improve Safety & Marketing with Custom Printed Floor Barriers

If you run a retail store, you’ll need to take steps to ensure your customers stay safe. It’s crucial to social distance even while shopping, as this will help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Many shops are using Perspex barriers in between self-service checkouts to enable customers to social distance. 

It’s essential to have floor barriers in the self-checkout and u-scan areas of grocery and retail stores. Floor barriers help customers to social distance while queuing for the checkout. This article will look at the benefits of choosing floor barriers offered by Shea Shields.

Printed Floor Barriers by Shea Shields

Shea Shield is a company that sells printed barriers in a variety of sizes to retail outlets. There are many advantages to investing in barriers for your store, the main one being that they allow customers to social distance while providing protection and security.

Separate customers 

Using a Perspex barrier means that you’ll be able to successfully separate customers without six feet of space. This will help to keep your customers and employees safe and will also give customers privacy as they pay for their goods.

Barriers can be used to separate customers while using the self-service check-out area but can also be positioned in tight areas of the store to allow customers and employees to pass each other without coming into close contact with each other. Barriers also act as a sneeze guard against customers who may have symptoms. 

Customizable options

Shea Shields allows retail outlets to customize their floor barriers. This is an excellent opportunity to use the barriers as a marketing tool. You can include images of popular products on your barrier, quotes from happy customers, and your company’s logo, custom graphics, and branding. Panels are available in a choice of styles; they can either be custom printed, or you may like to choose a clear or frosted floor barrier. 

A variety of sizes

Floor barriers are available in a selection of sizes and can be connected to fit any size of room. Panels are available in a width of either 32 or 48 inches. Three different heights are available for the customizable graphic panels: 24, 36, and 48 inches. 

Contact Shea Shields Today! 

If you’re looking for floor barriers for your grocery store, don’t hesitate to contact Shea Shield today. The company can help you choose the correct floor barrier size and discuss marketing ideas and customization options with you. 

Call Shea Shields today on 800 992 5233 to find out what we can do for you. Shea Shields can also supply face masks, counter top sneeze guards, and face guards to help protect your employees.