Complete Guide to Retail Social Distancing SIgnage

Posted on by John Gille

Complete Guide to Retail Social Distancing SIgnage

A Complete Guide to Retail Social Distancing Signage

If you run a retail outlet, it’s crucial to have adequate social distancing signage so that customers are aware of the distance between them. Customers must stay apart and wear a face covering at all times while shopping. Having good signage in your store will remind customers of the rules surrounding social distancing. 

If you’re looking for social distancing signage for your retail store, don’t hesitate to contact Shea Shields, who stock a large selection of signage, barriers, face masks, and sneeze guards for retail outlets.   

This article will provide you with a step by step guide on planning, purchasing, and installing social distancing signage for owners and managers of retail stores, including grocery stores, convivence storers, department stores, etc. 

Types of social distancing signage for retail

If you’re running a retail store, there are three main types of signage that you’ll need to invest in to keep customers safe. It’s essential to have signs both inside and outside your store. Signage outside should remind customers of the social distancing rules, whereas inside signs should help customers and employees follow the rules so that they can stay safe. 

Outdoor Assurance signage

If you run a retail store, it’s nice to reassure your customers that it’s safe to enter your store. You may like to give details of social distancing rules and protocols. Example text for an outdoor assurance sign could read, “We are practicing social distancing, please stay six feet apart. A strict protocol is in place for everyone’s protection.” 

This type of sign should be relatively large and can be located outside the store's main door, where everyone can read it before entering. A sign will help to reassure the general public that you are taking social distancing rules seriously and that they will be safe shopping in your store. 

Shea Shields have large twenty-four by thirty-two-inch signs that can be printed on both sides and placed at the front door of your store. It’s best to position this type of sign outside, so people can read it when they enter the parking lot. This will let customers know that they are safe, and they will likely feel more comfortable entering your premises. 

Indoor social distancing signage

Inside your store, you should have social distancing signage that asks customers and employees to stay at least six feet away from each other at all times. This may include barriers, stickers on the floor, and signage. 

These types of signs will help reassure customers that the store is safe. Shea Shield has 16-inch diameter vinyl floor graphics that can be stuck to the floor in doorways or wall lobby locations.

Front door signage

On the front door facing outwards have a sign that asks customers to wear a face mask. This makes customers aware that strict protocol is in place for everyone’s protection. It would help if you asked that the face mask covers both their nose and mouth. 

It’s also a nice idea to have a sign that’s visible when leaving the store that reads, “Thank you for your trust, Make it a great day, Be Safe -Stay Healthy!”

Social distancing signage by Shea Shields

If you’re a retail manager who’s looking for social distancing signage for your store, don’t hesitate to contact Shea Shield. The company stocks a wide range of signage, barriers, face coverings, masks, and sneeze guards.